Music, moms, memoirs and more! Welcome to this month’s Word of Mouth 5! Also, it happens to be the year anniversary of Word of Mouth 5.  One year ago I decided that once a month it would be great to shine light on 5 people, organizations, artists, etc. whom I felt inspired to “spread the word” about. So, here ya go! My picks! Hope you enjoy!

1. ELIZABETH TUTNAUER ROSE “I JUST GOTTA SAY THIS” Lizzy, as I know her, is not only a lifelong friend but she is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, dancer, writer, sex-pot and now blogger. I have known Lizzy most of my life and have always found her to be not only hilarious, adventurous, honest and gorgeous but she is someone who is truly authentic — to the core. She is now sharing all those sides of herself in her weekly blog which you can find on her website at Honest observations of being a mom, a daughter, a wife, a struggling cellist and much more.  It’s her humor and observations of life that I find I can’t get enough of (in her writing and her friendship). Make a cup of coffee, sit at a cafe and enjoy a moment with my friend who is quickly becoming a very popular blogger!


Mom Friends CEO and founder Jillian Darlington is a single mom who created the incredible MomCo App that helps connect moms with other moms within their community. Jillian’s brainstorm with MomCo came from her own experience as a new mom trying to connect with other moms. The app not only connects moms it helps moms locate businesses that cater to their needs, it has a forum where moms can share pictures, stories, ask questions and find relief in the daily grind of trying to be a good mom. It’s basically a one-stop shop app for moms and it’s FREE to download! Check out Jillian on twitter and learn all about the MomCo App at their website!


Uh Oh - Single, Derek Anthony Gray I love music and I love my music man. I always said you should only be allowed to date one drummer per lifetime. I’ve dated three. Third one’s the charm! My fiance, Derek Anthony Gray or DAG as he is called by most everyone (including my daughter), has a new song available on itunes and so, of course, he makes my word of mouth 5. If you like poppy love songs with a catchy chorus then you’ll love Uh-Oh. Derek wrote it about this chick he fell in love with and sort’ve can’t believe she appeared and, well… the rest is HIStory 😉 You can find Derek’s new song at  Uh-Oh by DAG


HANGOVERS SUCK T-SHIRTMy dear friend, Hayley Mortison is a mom, model, business woman and all around amazing woman. She started this clothing line to blend fashion with sobriety. Sober Is Sexy puts to rest once and for all the myth that people who get sober don’t know how to “rock it” anymore. Their clothing line is for men and women, full of t-shirts, panties, hoodies, sweats and accessories with phrases like, The Only Coke I Do Is Diet,  Heroin Killed the Radio Star and Make Love Not Meth. Their clothes scream YES to sex and rock n roll and BUGGER OFF to drugs. They constantly have new items appearing on their website so check them out at


I was given this book because I was up for the job of writing the movie version of it for Lifetime. Having always been a fan of Toni Braxton I was excited to read her story. What I didn’t realize was just how incredible it was. I was deeply inspired and moved by Toni’s journey. A mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a performer and a true survivor of countless obstacles, Toni writes her life story with honesty and humor leaving nothing unsaid. If you’re looking for a book for your summer beach read, Un-Break My Heart is it. A page turner that will leave you loving this amazing woman even more. (Oh, and I got the job — that’s part of my amazing story).  Check out all things Toni on her website, facebook and twitter page!

And there you have it — my Word Of Mouth 5! Hope you check out one or all of these people and… spread the word!