I have recently been getting comments telling me I haven’t written about sex in awhile.

Susan, I love your heart wrenching columns but… what’s up with sex?

It’s true, I did write a lot about sex in my earlier columns.  There was my Viggo stalking, Trader Joe’s drooling, My Gym ball pit crawling stories.  And as much as those columns were a hit and went viral, I also got accused of being a slut, a bad mom, and possibly responsible for end of the world… when it comes.

But, I took the punches and to this day I get emails and tweets from fellow Viggo lovers and stopped at Trader Joe’s by customers and employees thanking me for my column. So, I will continue to write what I know — and duck.

Okay, so, what’s up with sex? Well… I’m all for it.

But it’s not easy for a sober, single, working mom to meet men. I don’t go to bars. I don’t online date. I don’t do a lot of things. And I guess I don’t really mind. Maybe because I spent so much of my life chasing men. Maybe because I confused sex and love so often in the past. Maybe because I’ve been with one too many psychopath’s and don’t feel like jumping out of a moving car to save my life again.

Or maybe I’m just enjoying sitting in pajamas watching Homeland a bit more these days.

Sex requires dating. Dating requires planning. Planning  requires time. Time requires hiring babysitters. Babysitters requires hidden video cameras.

I’m exhausted already.

But whenever I say to myself, Susan, c’mon, get out there. You’re a healthy, vibrant woman. Meet a man, fall in love, introduce the kid, buy him a watch… I remember all my married friends. All my married friends who aren’t having sex. Married friends who dread date night with their spouses. Married friends who think about having sex with anyone but their spouses. Married friends who are living as… friends.

And it dawned on me. Maybe no one is having sex!

Except, perhaps, Charlie Sheen.

Are we all too tired? Distracted? Over stimulated? Under nourished? Numb from Botox?  Has sex become like television? There are just too many channels to choose from so you find yourself setting the DVR and maybe getting to it in a month?

Apparently, yes.

But the truth is sex can be an amazingly beautiful thing. Good for the heart, good for the soul, good for the condom industry. It can make you feel alive, passionate, desirable, healthy, playful and carefree. Most of all, in a time when cell phones and computers have replaced human contact, sex can make you connect to another person in a way that nothing else can. It can remind us who we were before the career, the mortgage, the children.

And sometimes we all need to be reminded of that. There once was a young lady named Susan who loved romance. She loved looking at greeting cards in stores that were for lovers. Even if she had no one in her life to give one to. She loved movies that made her cry and songs that made her think of him. She loved Baskin Robbins mint ice-cream and staring at the moon.

She loved.

So, my friends, what’s up with sex? I plan to find out.