Last week I wrote a column about not giving up and the response to it was truly overwhelming. It seems many people need to hear a little encouragement, a little hope, a little inspiration to keep going… one more day.

So, I decided this week to do something different. Instead of writing about myself I’d rather turn the keyboard on others and write about some people I know that I think are amazingly talented and you might want to check out.

You have done so much for me and my little column that if I can draw attention to one artist even for one day… it would be worth all the hits, shares and loving comments this gal has been showered with.

Okay, the hard part is where to begin because I know so many gifted people. I suppose I’ll narrow it down to five. Hmm… maybe this is something I can do once a month. Studio City Mom’s Word of Mouth Five! I like it!  Thinkin’ on the fly… fly with me peeps.

Welcome to today’s Word of Mouth Five.


580687_556164287729662_2005698291_n I love music. I always said you should only be allowed to date one drummer per lifetime. I’ve dated three. I guess there’s just something about a man with sticks… anyway, I digress. I’m starting with the Derek Anthony Gray Band because it was listening to one of their songs that inspired me to do this kind of column today. Derek is the lead singer, songwriter and electric guitarist of this rock band (he’s also an accomplished pianist and, yes, drummer). I met Derek through band member and dear friend,  Erik Kritzer.  I’ve seen them play live and their energy and passion are electrifying (oh my god, I’m sounding like a Rolling Stone blogger!). But, it’s true. Their music is a blend of classic rock and pop rock with melody hooks and an edgy delivery that makes me hit replay whenever I’m jogging. Derek’s vocal range is incredible. Check them out on Facebook @ Derek Anthony Gray Band. My personal favorite DAG song: More Than Beautiful More Than Beautiful.



  My friend, Andy Falk, started this site. Andy has been a long time follower of Studio City Mom and although we’ve never met in person we connect in spirit. One of the beautiful things about writing a column is that I’ve gotten to know so many people along my journey that I otherwise would have never crossed paths with. Andy is writing a book about the homeless in his town, San Rafael. It began when he started blogging about his childhood friend, Kelso, who has been living on and off the streets for years.  What began as a personal story has turned into an amazing project that sheds light on the homeless in his community. Stories and pictures and ways to show random acts of kindness are at the core of this site and I encourage anyone to visit it and be inspired by Andy’s service. You can find his site on Facebook @ Homeless & Precarious Faces Project.


Yes, it is! My dear friend, Hayley Mortison, former model and all around amazing woman, started this clothing line with her equally gorgeous daughter, Hanna Beth. Sober Is Sexy puts to rest once and for all the myth that people who get sober don’t know how to “rock it” anymore. Their clothing line is full of t-shirts, panties, hoodies, sweats and accessories with phrases like, The Only Coke I Do Is Diet,  Heroin Killed the Radio Star and Make Love Not Meth. Their clothes scream YES to sex and rock n roll and BUGGER OFF to drugs. Check out their website


I have known Justin since I was two years old. You could say he was my first boyfriend. As far back as I can remember Justin was drawing… and he hasn’t stopped. His art is truly remarkable.  Justin captures life, his own and others, in brilliant color, depth, humor, storytelling and raw sexiness. He lets you in on his friends, animals, cars, hangouts, skateboarding crew, even bath time, in intimate, powerful, honest images. Please check out his site at — your eyes, soul and mind will thank you! P.S. See if you can spot me in the painting!


Kimberley is not only one of my best friends, she was a huge influence in me building my own website. She’s a pioneer when it comes to social media and her expertise lies in parenting. I have known Kimberley since we were kids and when I became a new mom — and a single mom at that — she was by my side to help guide me. She has written books, been featured in magazines and even launched her own web series all revolving around the truths and myths of parenting. She is not only an inspirational speaker and family mental health advocate she’s also beautiful, funny and honest. Check her out at

So, there you have it. My Word of Mouth Five for March (that was FUN!). I hope you check them all out. And if you’re in a position to buy, produce, employ, commission, or simply become a fan… you just might make a dreamer keep dreaming for one more day.