Welcome to Studio City Mom’s Word of Mouth 5!

As promised, I have decided to make this a once a month thing.  Instead of writing about myself this week I’m turning the keyboard on others to write about some people I know that I think are amazingly talented and you might want to check out.

You have done so much for me and my little column that if I can draw attention to one artist even for one day… it would be worth all the hits, shares and loving comments this gal has been showered with.

So, here is this month’s Word of Mouth Five.


deb  When I finally grew up and decided it was time to make the place my daughter and I live in a  home and not just the place I’m renting until one day…  I asked my dear friend and designer, Debra Olson, for help. Debra is brilliant at working on any budget and any size space. Her eye for great finds and ability to take items you already own and transform them into something new and beautiful and amazing is, quite simply, AWESOME. She listens to what you want, how you want your home to feel, and the kind of lifestyle you lead and creates a place that goes way beyond your expectations. She even taught me how to make a bed. If you’ve been thinking you’ll wait to make the home of your dreams when you get the home of your dreams… make where you are, today, this moment the home of your dreams. What I know is where you are is where you are.  You can find Debra on Facebook @Debra O Design.


dt_ACTIVISM_Moving_Planet_poseter_01_710 Okay, so Luke is not only an incredible graphic artist he is also married to one of my oldest and dearest friends. If you are in need of someone with amazing talent in the digital design world, Luke is your man.  A hands-on creative director with 27 years’ experience in the digital design space, Luke has worked in-house with many design and media companies as well as being contract designer for software development, game design, web design, and graphic design under the banner of {designtoolbox}. He studied fine arts in college, so his work leans towards projects that are highly artistic and give him an outlet for playful illustration, digital painting, and animation. Being that Luke is an unbelievable father as well as an environmentalist, he is great at doing projects which create a positive impact in society — projects like children’s educational games, environmental games or graphics, and software that helps explain or instruct or enlighten people in some way. Please check out his awesome website and see for yourself that there is truly nothing this man can’t design. You can find Luke@ www.designtoolbox.com.


pool Okay, time for a little Pilates talk! IF you are in Colorado (and hopefully coming to Los Angeles soon!) check out Body Integration Studio created by Jaime Bruce. I’ve known Jaime since I was eleven years old — she was gorgeous and fit then and she’s gorgeous and fit now. Before opening her own studio Jaime designed home gyms and personal programs for clients. She also worked for the Physical Therapy Institute in Los Angeles where she worked closely with the therapist to rehabilitate clients from auto accidents, stroke patients, and the handicapped. She specializes in golf, tennis, horseback riding, all winter sports, running and weight training. She is certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Pilates certified (Polestar Education and Peak Pilates), Post Rehabilitation (Future Fit) and Spinning (Johnny G). Jaime’s studio caters to first timer’s, rehabilitation and extreme athletes. The key to  this studio’s success is the love and passion Jaime brings to it. You can find her on Facebook or visit her website @ bodyintegrationstudio.com.


ventura Linda Grasso is the editor in chief of this awesome magazine for all us valley folks. I got to know Linda when she asked me to feature one of my columns in the magazine’s Last Word section and I’ve been a fan ever since. Ventura Blvd. covers anything and everything going on around our hood — from Studio City to Woodland Hills and beyond. Restaurants, theatre, politics, fashion, music, openings, real estate — and it does so with beautiful pictures and talented featured writers and contributors.  If you live in the valley you should have this magazine at your fingertips (or subscribe to their website).  You can find them @ www.ourventurablvd.com or follow them on twitter @OurVenturaBlvd.


featured2 You already know I LOVE music, musicians and, of course, my personal attraction to drummers. My childhood friend, Joey Schwartz (p.k.a. J. Slamm),  along with his partners Ricky Neal, Greg Allain, Adam Kagan and Julian Black represent the management and executive production team for SoundWell. All these producers have a long history of making music and have recently re-collaborated their energies to take on the newest challenges the music industry has to offer. They are actively seeking artists for their roster and have established a licensing (sales) department for song placements. Joey grew up in Los Angeles and has always had an innate attraction to pop culture. Driven by the fashion, music and flavors of L.A.’s melting pot, Joey’s interest in the creative process grew. In 1991 he established Slamm Studios. Jobs came in to produce, write and develop musical content. Long-term relationships formed with record companies and studios and as the music industry landscape evolved, so has Slamm Studios —  hence, SoundWell Entertainment. Often referred to as “The Chameleon,” these group of guys can write and produce all styles of popular music with authenticity. Greg Allain augments the SoundWell team as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer. Allain comes from a background of performing and recording with such artists as Tina Turner, Belinda Carlisle and Erin Hamilton. If you’re in search of a music producer with passion and talent beyond words check out Joey and his team @ soundwell.la.

And there it is! My Word Of Mouth 5! I hope you check them all out. And if you’re in a position to buy, produce, employ, commission, or simply become a fan you just might give these folks the gift of doing what they love for one more day! Oh, and just for fun, here is my daughter’s first music video… Don’t just believe in your dreams… believe in all dreamers!