They say a picture is worth a thousand words… If that’s true, then I have a library of books that tell the story of a friendship among six girls that has lasted over three decades. A bond that started long before we had drivers licenses, jobs, boyfriends or boobs (okay, fine, some of us still don’t have boobs).

We all grew up  in Los Angeles. Some of us from broken homes, some of us from homes that were simply broke. One thing we all had in common —  a need for companionship, love, understanding, laughter.

And we found that in each other.

We played hard, partied hard, fought hard, loved hard. We shared secrets. We shared clothes. We’ve even shared boyfriends (thus explaining the fighting hard).

There is nothing these girls don’t know about me. There is nothing I wouldn’t tell them.

We have walked each other through puberty, college, addiction, heartbreak, marriage, pregnancy, miscarriages, divorce, success, unemployment, surgeries and motherhood.

And we will continue to do so. Because, quite simply, I can’t imagine life without them.

I see my daughter making her friends now. I see her pack forming. He group of girls. I see the pictures they take, the videos they make, I hear the laughter from the bedroom, the whispers in the backseat of my car, the leaning on each other, hugging each other, trusting each other other, love — deep love — for each other.

I recognize those giggles and whispers and think, yeah… that’s right. Hold on girls. If you’re lucky… you just might be together for decades and decades to come.

A picture is worth a thousand words… Here are some words.


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