My first Studio City Mom column for my website.

Life is all about change.  If someone were to tell me I would one day have my own website I would’ve said… “Uh, what’s a website?”

Yep, I was that behind the times. Social media was never something I went after or even really knew about until I started writing for Studio City Patch. Before that I only turned on my computer to send emails, write scripts and search for holiday recipes.

And then… the world of Twitter, Facebook and all things blog, vlog and .com came crashing in on me and before I knew it I was among the folks who had joined the social media craze.

Granted, I’m still completely new and ignorant about much of it, but thanks to friends and designers I am slowly learning. And now, as I break away from Patch and launch my own rocket ship, my one hope is that my column continues to… well, not suck.

A few fun things about having my own website is that I’m the boss. So, I can technically write things like “mother f–ker” and it won’t get censored. There is some freedom in that. However, by learning how to write those same emotions and feelings in more creative and reader friendly ways actually has been far more interesting for me.

Cursing is easy, expressing the feelings underneath is hard.

I do miss my wonderful editor, Mike Szymanski, who made sure my grammar and spelling was better than it is (so I apologize now for typos, run-on sentences, comma’s in wrong places and anything else that would make English teachers cringe).

I will continue to write about my daughter, my love life (or lack of), my work, my observations, my animals and pretty much anything that makes me laugh, cry, ache or grow.

Today I got an unexpected phone call from my ex husband. He called to tell me that although he has never said it he wanted me to know what a great mother I am. That he sees so much of me in our daughter and that he admires how strong I have been as a single mom. He simply wanted to thank me and let me know that he sees me.

I had never heard him say these words to me. I had never sought  them or needed them in order to feel validated. But, in that phone call I realized how much I treasured them.  We spoke for a long time and before we hung up I said,

Thank you. You gave me the greatest gift of my life… our daughter and I am forever grateful.

Life is all about change…

And happy tears.