Word of Mouth 5 is my once a month list of five people that touch and inspire me. I thought this month I would do something a little different. My life has been so deeply affected by drugs and alcohol, death and relapses, recovery and miracles that I wanted to share 5 stories of hope, courage, struggle and faith in this area. I hope it heals and inspires you… and remember to spread the word. xo

1. BEN YEAGER: Ben, a freelance writer in New York, wrote this story of his college days and his personal battle with alcoholism. 

Ben Yeager





2. ROGER EBERT: In 2009, film critic Roger Ebert shared his personal story of alcoholism and recovery on his website.

Roger Ebert's Journal http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/my-name-is-roger-and-im-an-alcoholic

3. THE FIX LISTS 10 BEST ADDICTION MEMOIRS: A great list of books! Amazing memoirs!


4. MOVIES ABOUT ALCOHOLISM & DRUG ADDICTION: This sight has a pretty great list but I’d like to add a few more. Barfly, Flight, Days of Wine and Roses, Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolf, When A Man Loves a Woman, The Upside of Anger, Drugstore Cowboy, Rush and The Verdict. Days Of Wine And Roses



5. MUSIC ABOUT ADDICTION. There are so many incredible songs about drug and alcohol addiction; Black Crowes “She Talk to Angels”, Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge”, Pink “Sober”, Rolling Stones “No Use In Cryin'” and on and on. But this song by Janes Addiction has always been my favorite.

And there you have it. My September Word of Mouth 5. If you know nothing about addiction, everything about addiction, have been affected by addiction or are struggling right now, today, in this moment… I truly hope you find inspiration, understanding and hope in this list. You are not alone. XO