September Word of Mouth 5!

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Welcome to Studio City Mom’s Word of Mouth 5 — my once a month column where instead of writing about me I shine a little light on some people and/or organizations I think are amazingly talented, hard working and inspiring. I hope you check them out!

  • 1. DON’T TELL MY MOTHER! mother!

Created by Twentieth Century Fox film producer, Nikki Levy, Don’t Tell My Mother! is LA’s wildly popular monthly storytelling show where comics, actors, and award-winning screenwriters are hand-selected to share eight to ten minute stories they would never want their mothers to know. I was lucky enough to be a part of this show when it first got off the ground a few years ago and had fun sharing my “Stalking Viggo Mortenson” story with a theatre full of strangers. Since then, Don’t Tell My Mother! has taken off and even did shows in New York!  If you’re looking for a night of wild fun or are a storyteller yourself and are interested in sharing something personal you must check out Don’t Tell My Mother! You can find tickets, schedules and more information on their website at and on Facebook.


2. APRIL ROCHA PHOTOGRAPHY: me and my daughter when she was 1 years old

April was one of my very first literary agents when I started my writing career and she was great at it. But what she was even more passionate about was photography. She quit the entertainment industry and put all her energy and focus into building her portfolio. Taking pictures of my daughter and me when I was a new mommy was one of her first photo shoots. Now, 12 years and many beautifully captured moments later she has built an incredible name for herself. Her eye for finding the soul in a photo — be it a wedding, a newborn, a dog — is quite simply awesome. If you are looking for a photographer please check out April’s website at or visit her on Facebook.


3. THE CHEER AND DANCE CONNECTION: 10348532_773921936000211_9493765878323956_n

Located in Colorado, Vel Green has been the high-energy, enthusiastic, motivational cheer, dance and fitness Coach/Instructor for more than 19 years. She also happens to be my boyfriend’s sister and that’s awesome too. With a heart for children, teens and special needs, Vel and her staff make it their mission to build self-esteem, physical coordination, strength, skills and teamwork in an environment that encourages fun and friendship. They are also devoted to giving back to the community by volunteering and performing at places that could use a much needed cheer. If you are looking for a cheer leading gym in Colorado that will enrich your child’s life, then look no further! Check them out at their website and on Facebook.



It’s really hard to believe this band is made up of kids — they are fantastic! A rock band consisting of LA’s most talented young musicians, Melted Vinyl has played all over Los Angeles, has sold out The Troubadour in Hollywood and even had their debut at NAMM 2013. With ages ranging from 12 – 17, Melted Vinyl consists of the mind-blowing Sam Kritzer (Drums), Blake Kasting (Guitar), Wolfgang King (Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar) and Landon Ferris (Bass). If you and your kids love rock — seeing this band play is a great way to share that love. Check them out on Facebook.

5. SOBER JULIE – THE SOBER MOM BLOGGER!: Julie-texting-small

Being sober doesn’t suck — just ask Julie. I love this mommy blogger. Her website is filled with inspiration, laughter and life! Julie is all about showing people that life is fantastic sober. She started the blog as a journal for herself when she got sober and it has morphed into one of the best websites for living life straight! It’s humorous, honest, insightful and I love visiting it for the personal stories, awesome recipes, travel tips, and just a good shot of joy. You can find Sober Julie at

And there it is! My Word of Mouth 5 for September! I hope you visit one or all of these amazing people. Thank you for all you’ve done to support my website — it makes me so happy to do that for someone else.

Keep believing in whatever it is you dream. And dream BIG! xo


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