So many of you responded to this column and wanted to know how the school was going to handle the situation that took place.

I’m so pleased to report that after speaking to the principal, vice principal, school counselor, teachers and parents the school administration took immediate action. They were very upset by the events that occurred and have been dealing with all the children involved as well as discussing it with the entire faculty of the school.

Since the event, there has been more adult supervision on the yard and the children who participated in the bullying attack are being held accountable.

Today, my daughter came home to tell me that her teacher read my column to the classroom.  Many kids didn’t know about what happened to their classmate and their teacher felt they should.

My daughter was not only proud of herself for her courage… but, yeah, she was proud of her mama too.

There is so much power in acts of kindness. In doing what’s right. In speaking up! Thank you all for your incredible comments, emails, and personal stories on this subject!

xo susan