Welcome to Studio City Mom’s Word of Mouth 5! For those of you who don’t know, this is my once a month column where instead of writing about me I shine a little light on some people I think are amazingly talented and you might want to check out.


My dear, beautiful friend Lauren has been changing the lives of women (and men) in search of love for years now. What started off as Lauren giving great romantic advice to friends and family has turned into an enormous, life changing business that includes books, seminars, make-overs, television appearances, workshops, online daily tips and even her own perfume line! The secret, I believe, is that Lauren works to understand people’s insides. Through her compassion, kindness, wicked humor and wisdom she is able to transform a client’s outsides to match the beauty that lies within. Her record for matchmaking is amazing but even more impressive is her success with helping women of all ages find the greatest love of all… themselves. She is truly inspiring. You can find Lauren @

2. MARCEL INDIK:      10149831_10203479828266063_574966434_n                                                                                                          When my childhood friends got together for a photo shoot to document our decades of friendship we had Marcel take the pictures. Marcel is known for photographing models but somehow he managed to make us six 40-something chicks feel like a million bucks. His quiet, easy going, playful demeanor — especially in the middle of us cackling, crazy, women — created the perfect environment for an afternoon of total self indulgence. If you are in search of a great photographer who can make you feel like a rock star even on your worst day check out Marcel

3. MARISSA FOSS INTERIOR DECORATOR:photo 2(1)                                                                                 Marissa has been in business since 2002. Her specialty is decorating children’s rooms but she is fantastic at any room in the house. She is amazing at re-thinking window treatments and an expert at color selection. Her biggest love is working with fabrics and finishes to create beautiful rooms. No space is too big or too small. Best part? Marissa’s rates! Extremely reasonable. You can find Marissa Foss on Facebook.

4. GLOBAL PHILANTHROPY GROUP:  un-mundo-mejor                                                                                      I met Trevor Neilson, president of Global Philanthropy Group, at a dinner party a few months ago. I was immediately intrigued by his company and the work they do to make this world a better place. In a nutshell, his company works with individuals, foundations and corporations to design and implement strategies. They’re experienced in pressing issues such as economic development, education, poverty, HIV/AIDS, disaster recovery and redevelopment, conflict and post-conflict aid, refugees, microfinance, water, food security, global health, immigration, orphans, foster care, global trade, malnutrition, climate change, green building, malaria, conservation, crimes against humanity, genocide, human slavery and trafficking, maternal health, child health and childhood obesity. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the solution check out Trevor @

5. MOM:   Mom_TV_series                                                                                                                                   Okay, I admit, this one is a bit personal. After three wonderful seasons on Two and a Half Men, I am now writing and co-producing Chuck Lorre’s newest baby, MOM. I’m sharing this in my Word of Mouth 5 because it’s still a new show and I’d like to get the buzz out to audiences. I could not be more proud to be a part of this team. MOM, starring Anna Faris and Emmy nominated Allison Janney, is about a newly sober, single mom and her also newly sober, single mom. Being that I too am a sober single mom with a sober single mom you could say I relate to this show on many levels. Being asked to write for it is truly amazing and I feel so grateful to be surrounded by incredibly talented people every day. MOM is a show about real life. It’s messy, it’s raw, it’s funny and starting in September it will premiere it’s second season on Monday nights at 8:30 just after Big Bang Theory.

And there you have it! My July Word of Mouth 5! I love doing these every month. I’ve already heard from people I’ve previously featured telling me they have received work, clients and representation because of this monthly column. That makes me beyond thrilled.

We all need each other.