I’d like to say I’m sorry for your loss to the 70 million people who voted for Trump…

But I’m not.

And one day, maybe, those who voted for him will thank us for saving America from irreversible damage.

You see, character matters. Who our children look up to matters. Truth, kindness, empathy, decency… it all matters.

For the last four years we have had a truly horrible person in the highest office in the land. A bully, a misogynist, a liar, a rule breaker and a racist.


That should have been the deal breaker for everyone but, sadly, we now know that 70 million people are okay with it. Okay with it because something in them carries that hate too. Whether they know it or not, like it or not, they have to look inward and question it.

NO agenda — left or right — should be worth having a leader who is full of hate.

Character matters.

We teach our children not to bully, not to tease, not to lie, not to grab people by their body parts and not to hate someone for being different. At least I do. And I know parents who teach that too… and some still voted for Trump.

How on earth does that make sense? What mixed message are you sending your child?

Words matter.

These last four years have been a true nightmare. Not because a republican was president. Because TRUMP was. Trump. The man. The person.

We have been living with daily abuse and fear and I, for one, have ptsd from it. Not in all my years of living have I ever had ptsd when a president who I didn’t vote for was in office. But I do.

Because this isn’t about party. Politics. A donkey or an elephant.

This is about a cruel man. Cruelty matters.

70 million people are okay with cruelty. That scares me.


But… more people are not. And that encourages me. History will remember this chapter and who stayed silent and who did not.

I know I will remember who stayed silent.

And I will be proud that I did not.