Right now we can choose to look at what’s happening in a variety of ways. I choose to look at it the way I look at most things.

Everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to and it’s how we decide to react, respond, behave, think, feel, act… that is up to us.

We can react with fear and greed and anger and victimhood and denial and on and on.


We can react with acceptance, courage, wisdom, kindness, generosity, love, hope, trust, and on and on.

Do you have everything you need? If not, reach out to friends, organizations and ask for help. You’ll be surprised by how many people want to be angels for you. Have you checked in on loved ones by phone? Do it. Can you donate to food banks and other charities? Every dollar counts. Can you see if you’re part of a neighborhood group online and if so, see who might need groceries. Are you living alone and feel lonely? Maybe foster an animal. They need you as much as you need them.

There are so many ways to use this time to re-evaluate life. What is truly important. Necessary. I’ve been face timing friends I haven’t talked to in ages. I’ve been doing zoom 12 step meetings. I’ve cleaned out closets that I was too busy to clean out, read books I’ve been wanting to read, I even finally decided to teach myself how to twerk.

Yes, dammit, my ass is twerking. Badly, but still…

Are you there for your kids? Listening to them navigate through such a strange time? Supporting them in their disappointment at missing their friends, classes, musicals, dances?

Be there. Be right there.

Are you laughing? Watching funny videos? Playing games?

Do it.

For this one moment in time we are all connected. The entire world. On the same team. Going through the same feelings.

Take that in. Feel that.

And when we come out of this — and we will — perhaps we will be better for it. Perhaps we will work at home a couple of days a week. Not take needless flights but only travel when necessary or on special occasions. Perhaps we won’t waste so much but rather cook the food we have, use the toilet paper wisely, wash our hands more often and get off facebook thinking that’s “seeing each other” and instead actually pick up the phone and call each other.

Choices. So many. I know the ones I’m making.

What are yours?