I’m sorry that the last few weeks have been old posts. However, I have enjoyed looking back and seeing how things change. And for some of you those old posts were new.

Things change, indeed. In our own individual lives and, once in a while, on a much, much bigger scale. Change of historic proportions.

We are swallowed up by constant news of darkness, hate, murder, war and what seems like an endless time of hopelessness.

And then…  possibly when we need it most… love not only wins but it showers us with the reminder that the world really is a better place if we are willing to look at how far we’ve come.

But we don’t get here without the amazing people who sacrifice everything to sing and chant at the top of their lungs that change is needed. Change is required. Change must happen if we are to grow.

My daughter goes to school with children who are from gay and lesbian homes, racially mixed homes, religious homes, republican homes, democratic homes and transgender homes. She is USED to this. She accepts this. She loves this because it’s what she knows.

For 8 of her 13 years of life she has had an African American president. For 8 of her 13 years of life she has seen a woman run for president. For her entire life she has had friends with two moms, two dads, and, quite frankly, stronger bonds in those relationships than many of the homes with the traditional mom and dad (her own included). She is, after all, a child of divorce.

To my daughter the victory on June 26, 2015 was like, “duh, people. No one should be told who they can love.”

We need to catch up to our children. The world is changing and they are changing with it but the grown ups have a long ways to go.

Fear is a powerful emotion.

I have incredible respect for people’s beliefs. In the same way I don’t think anyone should be judged by the color of their skin or the person they want to marry or the place they wish to worship, I also don’t judge people for strongly believing in a book, God, tradition or choice. I don’t have to agree but isn’t it wonderful that we are all free to express ourselves?

One person’s choice does not rob from another. One person’s belief does not cancel out another.

Our children are being raised to not tolerate bullies. Yet, they see adults being bullies on a daily basis.

Our children are being raised to celebrate every holiday at school. Yet, they see adults reject other religions on a daily basis.

Our children are being taught to dream big, believe anything is possible, be president one day if you want. Yet they see adults crush dreams, progress and presidents.

I say we aren’t the teachers. Our children are. Listen to them. Learn from them. If we truly believe that everything we work for is for their future… how about talking to the future. They might tell you what you really need to know… don’t be afraid to let love win. It’s a good thing. It’s a really, really good thing.