Dear America,

What’s going on? Why have you changed so much? It seems only a few years ago you were so loving.  So full of hope,  change, tolerance. But now… well, you’re angry. Dark. Brooding. It’s like you look for a fight and pull out your most deadly weapon with no thought or concern for the person in front of you. You remind me of an old western – the kind I’d watch when I was a little girl home sick from school (maybe faking being sick but…). People would walk into bars and just shoot ’em up. Or reach for their gun on the street and, bam, quickest grab wins. Then, while the body lies on dirt bleeding, everyone goes back to what they were doing, grab a shot of whisky and move on. The slightest insult seems to lead to violence. A wrong look can lead to murder. Did we do something to piss you off? I take that back. What haven’t we done to piss you off. I’m sorry if our behavior made you go from a welcoming beacon of light to an enraged ball of fire. Oh, how you loved us once. All of us. All colors, shapes, walks of life. You had arms that could hug us all. Or at least try. But now… we don’t even talk. And when we do it’s not pleasant. How can I make things right with us? How can I help you? Because I know deep down at the core of your soul, sweet America, you have the biggest most beautiful heart known to man, woman, child, animals, earth.

Please write back.


A heartbroken American