Click. Horror. Click. Anger. Click. Shootings. Click. Lies. Click darkness, darkness, darkness.

Click off.

My morning news page is one horror story after another. You would think the world is nothing but pure evil. Is it any wonder my shoulders are up to my ears, I have chronic morning headaches, I’m tired a half hour after I wake up, I feel like I have a cry stuck in me at all times?

You feel it too?

Politics have divided us, race has divided us, religion, sex, income, social media, weight, age, climate, art… if it exists there’s a division.

Or so it would seem. Because unity just isn’t all that interesting to talk about these days. Unity isn’t going to get the click, click, click. (unless it’s a cute cat or dog video. I spend more time these days on those videos just to get a good ol’ jolt of serenity).

I went to my doctor recently and he told me that since the election the increase in patients complaining of headaches, depression, anxiety, stomach issues, and heart conditions has doubled. (I was there for a stomach issue). And this is among people who voted BOTH ways. Because a divided world is a sick world. It starts off like any illness — an ache here, a fever there and, untreated, it grows into a full blown flu that spreads and spreads and spreads. Until look at that, we have something that unites us… we’re all feeling sick! Some more than others.

So, here’s my thought on an antidote. Find the things that delight us, unite us, celebrate, uplift and remind us that we are in this thing called life together. Click, click, click.

You don’t have to like my opinions, my hair, my color of skin, my sexual preferences, my career, my dreams, goals, heritage, home, car, music, art, child, fashion, bra size, butt size, food choices, friend choices, prayer choices, birth control choices, pc or mac choice or even this column.


We can agree to disagree but I bet I can find something we have in common. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever lost someone you love and miss them every day of your life? Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever been so happy you had to dance a little? Have you ever laughed so hard you actually thought you might pee in your pants? Have you ever had a best friend? Have you ever been betrayed? Have you ever had to make a decision that was so hard but you found the courage to do it? Have you ever had money problems — even if only fears around money? Have you ever listened to a song and cried? Have you ever looked at the sky in wonder? Have you ever been proud of something you’ve done? Have you ever seen a sunset? The man in the moon? A person you just wanted to meet, kiss, know?

Click, click, click.

I don’t know who is reading this right now. But whoever you are… we are united. Even if only for this moment. Imagine if we could string together more of these moments… the flu would slowly pass and we could go back outside and play.


XO Susan