That’s right. I am.  I am so angry at the state of the world that I want to scream. I want to SCREAM! Out the windows, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!”

Aren’t you? And if not, why? Honestly, I want to know why. Because for me it’s every day. The world is a mess – it is. We are in trouble. Truly. We have stepped into a story that we know all too well. Only weren’t we supposed to learn from that story? Grow? Remember.

I know I remember as a child growing up learning all about the Holocaust. Seeing the images of the camps and prisoners. Hearing the horror stories. Having friends who’s families were wiped out in gas chambers. And the refrain, “never forget.”

But we have. Or, rather, our leaders have. The people we put in to run our country. You, me, us. On the left, on the right, I hold them all accountable.  I hold us all accountable. Even the”us” that didn’t vote for these people, even the “us” that march in the streets, scream at our TV’s, argue on social media. Because somehow, somehow we all played a role in where we are today. Whether we were complacent, busy, missed a couple of midterm elections, trusted that of course never again meant never again.

We were wrong.

Rape. Wait, maybe I need to say that louder for those of you in the back row looking at your phones. RAPE!!! Hello, hi.  Yes, that too is going on. Oh sure, those who voted for Trump already knew that he sexually assaulted women. That his own wife accused him of it. That he boasted about it. But, they voted for him anyway. And so when yet another rape charge comes out no one really cares. NO ONE CARES!

Lies. Oh, yes, lies every day. Multiple times a day. Big ones, little ones. The little ones scare me the most because if you lie about your height and weight and crowd size which are obvious what WON’T you lie about?

Corruption. Uh-huh. Follow the money. Follow the relationships. Follow the business deals and the handshaking with people who are murderers. Follow the money… it all leads to a tower with a golden toilet that we are all going down.

Racism. Huh? You don’t believe it? See it? Hear it? Rolling your eyes at me, are you? From Charlottesville to the locked up immigrant children dying. Central Park 5 to the years of harassment against President Obama’s place of birth. But did President Obama ever come up with a petty, immature nickname for Trump?  No. Because Presidents don’t do that. Adults don’t do that. Hell, my kid doesn’t do that.

Ignorance. And I’m not just talking about the bad spelling that we can all laugh at. Total ignorance when it comes to history, science, geology, biology, math, laws. LAWS.

Kindness and respect  – clearly those days are over.  Although I remember  when grace, articulation, humility, morals were mandatory for our leaders.  And if you stepped out of line you were held accountable. It was a BIG DEAL.

I’m angry. And I’m proud of that because it means I’m awake. I’m informed. I CARE.

Do you? Do you care about any of these things? All of them? Even just one of them? Shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t it matter? Shouldn’t we be better?

Or will our children grow up telling their children about this time and whispering, “never forget, never again.”