In the blink of an eye… okay, maybe not the blink of an eye. Maybe more like in the blink of diapers, pacifiers, potty training, baths, carrying, strolling, walking, running, talking, drawing, writing, reading, sharing, listening, crying, sleeping, not sleeping, eating, dressing, pre-school, elementary school, middle school, sleepovers, opened doors, slammed doors, long hair, short hair, long hair, short hair, knots in hair, lice in hair, lost teeth, new teeth, braces, no braces, braces, tummy aches, headaches, leg cramps, scary hospital visits, questions, easy questions, hard questions, amazing questions, late night snuggles, singing, dancing, texting, NO TEXTING, painting, seeking, learning, growing, ever loving and always blankie in bed…. my child is now 13.

And through it all I have become a better person. A stronger person. A kinder person. For 13 years I have had the opportunity to grow and learn and fall and get up and run and walk and ask the hard and easy and amazing questions and learn and play and snuggle and dance and hope and dream and believe that there truly is something far bigger than me, you, us.

Our children.

All children.  They need us, it’s true. But what I know, what I’ve discovered is that we need them far, far more.

They really are… hope.