I could not imagine what it would feel like, look like, be like to have my movie, Mr. Church, finally released for the world to see.  To see billboards, to do press junkets, to wake up on a Sunday morning and find a huge picture of myself and Eddie Murphy in the LA Times… to watch my daughter watching me walk a red carpet.

Pinch me.

From the first time I saw the movie trailer on television, to Eddie on the Ellen show, to sitting in a sold out theatre as I heard weeping coming from those around me… well, it’s more than a dream come true because I never could have dreamt anything this beautiful.

And so I have tried to stay present for every single moment. Not taking a second for granted. Not the poster in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel as we did our weekend of press. Not the reaction on YouTube at the dropping of the movie trailer. Not the Q&A at the Writers Guild, Directors Guild, KCET screening and Academy (I mean, I got a picture of me in front of an Oscar?!).  I’ve said “yes” to everything  — podcasts, interviews. I’ve responded to every tweet, email, letter. I’ve spoken to people in France, Brazil, the UK. I’ve hugged students, strangers, dreamers on their own path.

I’ve bathed myself in this moment because that is exactly what it is. A moment. Life is about moments and I have always tried my best to not skip over them. I am so incredibly humbled. So immensely grateful. So entirely moved by the outpouring of love.

And with every hug, every letter, every appearance I know the real Mr. Church is with me. Holding my hand. I show up for both of us.

I have often said we are all connected. We all leave fingerprints on each other’s DNA. In many ways that is the message of Mr. Church. We may not always know how we have affected another person’s life. How one word, one action, one kiss can play a role in the trajectory of another person’s journey… but it not only can it does. And right now all the people across the world who have watched Mr. Church and have reached out to me to tell me I touched them… well, they are all now fingerprints on my soul.

And all of you… you who have watched me over the years through the dark times and the bright… you who have cheered me on, held me up, celebrated my wins and cried in my losses… I thank you. I thank you for your love and kindness, your empathy and compassion, your joy and laughter.

Fingerprints on my life. I take nothing for granted. Life is about moments… the good and the bad. This one is good. Real good.


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