Word Of Mouth 5 – November!

Welcome to Studio City Mom’s Word of Mouth 5 — my once a month column where instead of writing about me I shine a little light on some people and/or organizations I think are amazingly talented, hard working and inspiring. I hope you check them out!


Without Mike Szymanski I would never have written my first column. Mike asked me to write a weekly column for the new Studio City Patch site he was creating and, not having a clue what I would write about, I said, yes. Four years later, only now with my own website, I’m still doing it.  So it gives me enormous pleasure to promote this man. A friend, a journalist, an activist, a parent, a powerhouse of love and wisdom. Currently Mike has not 1 but 4 columns on the examiner.com; Studio City Community Activism Examiner, Bisexuality Examiner, Dachshund Examiner and Multiple Sclerosis Examiner. Each are filled with news, information, entertainment, videos, reviews, and in-depth reporting on current events. Mike is about bringing people together and celebrating our similarities, differences, interests and dreams. Mike has written for The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, US, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, E! Online and many other publications. He teaches journalism at UCLA Extension. Please check out one or all of his sites at examiner.com, follow him on twitter or find him on Facebook!

2. THE 9 ON VINE –

Located in the heart of Hollywood, The 9 on Vine, previously the M Bar for 20 years, has turned into a super swank hot restaurant, bar and live events venue thanks to Curt Melone and his team of partners. I had the pleasure of going there last month when my boyfriend’s band played and I was knocked out by the vibe this bar has. It reminded me of my days in New York, checking out bands in the village, hanging out with friends, sharing food, drinks and hearing great live music. I also loved the open doors and windows along Vine, making it spacious and airy and fun to check out the Hollywood scene outside. Their calendar is filled with everything from rock, jazz, piano to comedy nights. If you’re looking for a new place to call “your place” check out The 9 on Vine at their website www.9onvine.com or find them on Facebook!


Get ready to cry. I recently watched the documentary, Alive Inside, and I was so incredibly moved by the powerful story that I had to do further research on the people and organization behind it. The film documents the journey of social worker Dan Cohen, founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, as he fights against a broken healthcare system to demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it. Witnessing patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and how they are brought back to life through the simple use of an iPod, headsets and music of their generation was nothing short of miraculous. But the heartbreak is how incredibly difficult it is to get music devises into the nursing homes across the country. Please, watch the movie then go to MusicandMemory.org to see how you can help donate — old iPods, headsets, money and much more. This could one day be your mother, father, sister, brother, husband or even you. Go to musicandmemory.org and be sure to watch the movie Alive Inside!

4. MORSEL – photo(17)

With the holidays upon us, my dearest friend and exceptional baker and artist, Tammy Massman Johnson, has created an amazing treat in a jar. From chocolate sea salt caramel cookie mix, espresso almond shortbread cookie mix, chocolate chip cookie mix,  gluten free creations and more, Tammy’s product, Morsel, has everything you need — all you add is an egg and butter! The beautifully designed glass jars, layered with the finest ingredients topped with delightful labels like “jarringly addictive” “espresso yourself” and “milk’s better half” make these treats a fantastic gift for the holidays.  Morsel’s menu is still being put together on Tammy’s website, but please go to verydifferentcakes.com and email Tammy with questions and an order!

5. AMANDA DE CADENET – 10492151_509936039137203_5754774028192816282_n

All things Amanda. Whether it’s photography, fashion, entertainment, music, parenting or edgy conversation about pop culture, Amanda has a fascinating take on all of it. A woman I have admired for a long time, Amanda’s hard work ethic and ability to bring all her brainstorms to life is simply awe inspiring. Her candid and soulful talks with amazing women in her series The Conversation, her humor and authenticity in her late night series, Undone, her incredible eye for always finding the sexy in any photo she takes and her honesty about her own life and journey has made me a loyal fan. Check out Amanda’s website amandadecadenet.com, find her on Facebook and follow her on twitter. You will surely find something compelling to listen to, look at or read.

And there ya have it! My Word of Mouth 5 for November! I hope you check out one or all of these fascinating people! It gives me great pleasure to do this once a month. If I can lead one new person to these incredible people and they tell one person and they tell one person…

Well, word of mouth, right?


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